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Friday, February 20, 2015

How MLS Leadership can improve the industry

Amazing how local MLS has made aggregators the leaders in the real estate industry. 

It's two years later and the MLS that I belong to has come out with a great website which should help take back authority from aggregators. See: State27Homes.com
From my perspective the leadership of all the participating MLS "services", (basically all of them) are not putting their members first. They should be providing local search in a more user friendly way and be the main and only source for buyers. By doing so, they would be justifying the fees they charge members and the information would be timely for buyers. Everyone wins. Instead the management of the local MLS office makes the aggregators the authority in the industry. 

Many brokers do well with the aggregators so they may say this is wrong, but if so, why do most sellers and buyers reference Zillow or the like as the authority? It's bad business. Doesn't effect me personally, but those that run the local MLS office in your area and elsewhere should consider the benefit of being the authority source for buyers. 


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