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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Selecting & Buying your first Professional Office: The Story of Two Buyers

Buyer A thinks he has a bargain. He just bought a house located on a side street at a 20% discount. He’s opening his professional office there, and is smartly eliminating his rent payments. He’s now going to reap the benefits of owning his own office and paying himself rent.

Buyer B has a similar situation. However, Buyer B thinks differently than Buyer A. He sought out a location with a high volume of traffic so that he could capture the attention of thousands of people passing by each day. He understands how the right signage could attract numerous new customers to his professional practice. He knows he needs a high traffic location to benefit from the use of signage.

If Buyer A wanted the same exposure, he would have to purchase advertising space on a billboard in a high traffic area, which will often cost as much as a mortgage payment each month, and the billboard might not be available in the area.

Buyer B benefits from free advertising to thousands of people every week. The right message on Buyer B’s sign will drive significant business to his office. He has the potential to pay his mortgage and fuel further growth solely from the new business from free advertising.

Buyer B is essentially getting his office for free.

Fast forward 20 years and you’re likely going to see Buyer B with a large business and land appreciation worth significantly more than Buyer A's gains.

Don't be Buyer A!

If you have any questions, call Scott: 813-324-1005 Ext 701 We're selling a great property that fits the business strategy covered by this article. The address is 10760 Bloomingdale Ave., Riverview, FL 33578.  Other business people pay thousands a month for signs to generate new business. As the owner of this property, your sign is Free! Thousands of potential new customers will see your sign daily!

Location, Location, Location! Come see how great this opportunity can be for you!

Property Website: www.Valrico-fl.com

Compare this opportunity to buying an office on a side street. There is no comparison.The side street office has to pay significant money for advertising just to match the exposure you’re getting for free.

The exposure you can achieve with this location can attract enough new business to pay your mortgage and fuel your additional growth.

10760 Bloomingdale Ave., is the exact type of location you should put on your buy list to help fuel your growth. Call Scott and come see this property for yourself.
Phone: 813-324-1005 Ext 701

Property Price: $299,000.
10% Down - @ 4% Approx Mortgage: $1,242
With Taxes and Insurance: Approx $1,592.

If you're looking for a professional office, don't miss this opportunity. Schedule an appointment NOW!
Interested parties without agents are also welcome:

CALL SCOTT FOR SHOWING: 813-324-1005 Ext 701
Hunt Realty Group
Al Carapella - Broker
10760 Bloomingdale Ave.
Riverview, FL 33569