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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Buyer's Agent or Order Taker, and why does it matter?

Buyer's Agent or Order Taker?

As a buyer, it may seem great to have someone show you 40 homes, but the 40th home will probably be marginally similar to the 7th, 12th or 18th home you saw 3 or 4 weeks earlier. Wouldn’t it be better to have a knowledgeable agent keep you on track toward buying your home now, before the next price or interest rate increase? We are in an uptrend market!

What’s an order taker?
Generally, it’s when a buyer says I want the xyz widget and the salesperson writes-up an order for the xyz widget.  A professional salesperson will sometimes be an order taker. There’s nothing wrong with that. Most of the time, they’re truly consultants.

The Process:
After an initial consultation and visiting homes on the market with you (the buyer), a pro will key into what you really want. Sometimes, what buyers say they want in the initial consultation doesn’t match what they light-up about when visiting homes on the market. If the agent gets it right, “looking” for a new home won’t be a never ending endeavor.

The Difference:
A man selling electronics in a retail store may be 100 times more proficient at the profession of sales than a person selling multi million dollars homes. The electronics guy, the rare one who’s an actual pro, zeroes in on your true hot buttons (the small percentage of features that you most desire and/or need). Before you know it, you’re the proud owner of a product that you might have otherwise waited to buy (even if it’s a bit over your budget). However, you’ll be happier for a longer period of time because he helped you get the product that gives you the WOW factor. In this case, you are fortunate to have met a professional salesperson!

An agent may show you multiple properties, some of which would work great for you, but often, an offer won’t be made because the agent wasn’t skilled at helping you to see the value or the WOW factor.

Let’s say that a home fits your wants and needs, but one of the bedrooms is small. You’re sending out rejection signals and you’re using the small bedroom as the focal point. As an agent, if the house is a good fit for the buyer, what do you say to help the buyer make the right decision which will result in the buyer putting in an offer?

An order taker will accept the rejection signals as a direction to find another house to view. This isn’t good for anyone. It’s certainly not good for you, the buyer, and it’s not good for the seller.

A professional salesperson will separate your objection (the small bedroom), and verify if you have additional objections (neighborhood, house features, etc.). He’ll get to the root of the real reason for your rejection.  If the issue is truly the small bedroom, or other similar minor details, the pro will help you see the value of the overall purchase and overcome the minor issues so the deal can move forward. Everyone wins – no procrastination!

As a buyer, a salesperson isn’t going to convince you to do anything. If you select a buyer’s agent properly, you will end out having confidence and trust in the agent. If you don’t have trust, you probably made a mistake in the agent selection.

The agent should be part of your inner circle, but instead of giving you his/her personal opinions, the agent should be able to help you logically decide if the purchase is correct based on the directions you gave the agent. It’s still your decision!

If all you want is an order taker, then none of this matters. If you want to increase your odds of making a good decision, a professional salesperson is who you want on your team.

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